Detection technology

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Petroleum and natural gas pipeline is buried in the ground of the great arteries, is a "lifeline" of the national economic construction, it carries the "national blood vessel" mission, and is closely related to the country's prosperity. With the increase of the running time, some problems in the design, manufacture, installation, operation and management of the pipeline are exposed gradually. It is a threat to people's life and property, industrial production and social stability. Pipeline defects must be found to improve the level of detection technology to ensure the safe and reliable operation of oil and gas pipelines.
Detection techniques mainly include: Standard pipe / ground potential detection, Pearson test, close spaced potential test (CIS\CIPS), multi frequency tube current test (PCM), DC potential gradient test (DCVG). In the test is divided into test size, testing, eddy current testing, crack etc.


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