Drill Pipe Sizes And Dimensions

- Mar 14, 2018 -

In accordance with international standards we supply drill tubes with API 5D specification and heavy weight drill pipes (HWDP) with API Spec 7-1. API 5D specification contains three product levels: PSL-1, PSL-2 and PSL-3 for products in the oil and gas industry. PSL-1 specifies wall thickness, impact strength, and yield strength requirements specific to the material grade whereas PSL-2 / PSL-3 have additional mandatory requirements.

Drill pipe grades include standard American Petroleum Institute (API) grades E-75, X-95, G-105, & S-135 as well as proprietary grades describing different minimum yield strength and minimum tensile strength (psi). Grade E, referred to as "mild" steel, exhibits the lowest yield strength per unit area with a yield strength of less than 80,000 psi. It is able to withstand a greater percentage of stretch or "strain" prior to fracture than higher strength drill pipe grades. It is also more resistant to corrosion and cracking. Grade E is utilized in medium depth wells from 10,000 to 15,000 feet. 

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