Manufacture Equipment And Development Direction Of 3PE Anticorrosion Steel Pipe

- Jan 11, 2018 -

3PE Anti-Corrosion Steel Pipe With High Sealing Performance, Long-Term Operation Can Greatly Save Energy, Reduce Costs, Protect The Environment. Strong Corrosion Resistance, The Construction Side Jane Has Speed, The Service Life Of Up To 30-50 Years. Under Low Temperature Conditions, The Water Absorption Rate Of PE Was Low (Less Than 0.01%), Which Had Good Corrosion Resistance And Impact Resistance. Also Have High Strength Epoxy, PE Water Absorption And Low Hot Melt Adhesive Soft Etc., High Anticorrosive Reliability, But Is 3PE In Addition To More Than The Relative Advantage, It Still Has The Relative Weakness, The Drawback Is: Compared With Other Fill Material Cost, The Cost Is High.

From The Development Of The Market In The Late 3PE Anti-Corrosion Analysis, In Our Country, The Three Layer PE Has Been A Pioneer In The Petroleum And Natural Gas Systems Are Used. China Has Built The Shaanxi Beijing Natural Gas Pipeline And Korla Shanshan Oil Pipeline, Recently State Key Project Of The West To East Gas Lost Nearly 4000 Kilometers Of Pipeline Using The Three-Layer PE Anticorrosive Coatings. In Tianjin City, The Three Layer PE Shaanxi Gas Into Tianjin 67 Km, 30 Km High Pressure Pipeline Outer Ring Of High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline, Underground Gas Storage Shaanxi Beijing Line 122 Km Pipeline Is Used. It Has Become The Development Direction Of Future Pipeline Anticorrosion Layer!

3PE Anticorrosion Steel Pipe Manufacturing Equipment:

First, There Is The Main Equipment, Steel Pipe Buffer Platform, Dial Pipe Unit, Traction Machine, Wear Tube Machine, High Pressure Foaming Machine, Repair Platform, Transmission Line, Steel Pipe Preheating Furnace, Shot Blasting Machine Overhaul The Main Engine And Differences Lattice Steel Pipe Return Transmission Line, The Fast Roller Group, Roller, Maintenance Platform.

FBE, FBE, Single Double Double PE, Double PP And 3PE Anticorrosion Coating Pipe Anticorrosion Production Line Can Be Used In Steel Pipes. Minimum Processing Diameter Phi 104mm (4 "), Maximum Machining Tube Diameter Diameter 1600mm (63), Maximum Treatment Capacity Of 350m2/H Above, The Production Line Including Pipe Transmission System, Surface Treatment System, Tube Dust Removal System, Steel Pipe Heating System, Electrostatic Spraying System, Coating System, A Water Cooling System, End Cutting System, Hydraulic And Gas Dynamic System, Detection System And Electric Control System.

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