Shunqi Steel Sheet

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Shunqi's steel sheet are used in large quantities in fields deeply related to everyday life, including passenger cars and trucks in the automotive field, white goods and IT products in home electric appliances, steel houses, metal roofing and other building materials, and containers such as beverage cans and drum cans.
Shunqi Steel Corporation is committed to developing and producing easy-to-use steel sheet products that contribute to reducing environmental loads, saving energy, and conserving resources.

1. Consistent high quality

Shunqi provides steel sheets with dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality and process ability.

2. Wide product line-up

· Hot-rolled steel sheets

· Cold-rolled steel sheets

· Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Sheets

· Electron galvanized Steel Sheets

· Tinplate and Tin Free Steel

· Special Steel Sheets & Strips
Shunqi produces steel sheets to meet a wide range of product standards, 
including JIS and other public standards, as well as internal Shunqi standards.


3. Outstanding technical service system

Shunqi works closely with customers in selecting the optimum material for the
user’s application, and advises customers on production methods, considering
property requirements. The company also cooperates in pre-use trials
and provides technical assistance and follow-up on quality information


4. Global production and supply structure

Shunqi has set up production and supply systems overseas to produce 
our products closer to where our customers are, and to support them globally.

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